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Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) opens in Rotterdam

CiC chooses Rotterdam for new center

08 July 2015

On July 7th 2015, the Cambridge Innovation Center from Boston announced that their first center outside of the US will be located in Rotterdam. As part of the bid team, StigΔ wrote the proposal for Rotterdam’s candidacy.

Port city solutions
The project is a good example of StigΔ’s ability to provide port city solutions. The city of Rotterdam needs to differentiate economical activities from port activities. Both port and city will benefit from this. Crossovers between the port and other economies will bring innovation and added value. These coming years, StigΔ expects crossovers with ports to be the main theme in port development. CIC’s arrival in Rotterdam contributes to this approach.

IncubatorAs a high end incubator and linked to the Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT), CIC supports innovative companies with their next step(s). By choosing the port city of Rotterdam, CIC will contribute to the development of new clusters and will improve the positioning of the city.

Aside from Rotterdam, the cities of Amsterdam, Berlin and London were also on CiC’s short list for a new European location.