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Construction on Flevokust barge terminal has started


20 October 2016

Construction on the Port of Flevokust – transshipment port as well as agro-hub – has started. Have a look at the first footage.

Construction Flevokust has started

The first physical results of the construction of what is to become the barge terminal in Lelystad are starting to show:

Involvement Stig

In 2015, Stig signed the contract for the barge terminal of Flevokust and has worked as a developing consultant for the Province of Flevoland. Stig deals with transaction advice, positioning and development strategy. The terminal will be built in 2016 and 2017 after having a temporary location at the Maxima Power plant.


Last April, Stig took part in a conference on Flevokust, held in Lelystad, capital of the Flevoland province. The conference brought together experts from the fields of transport and logistics as well as agro parks, food clusters and maritime service companies. Stig discussed clusters as a way to ensure successful economic development of the area.

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