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Dutch magazine Nieuwsblad Transport interviews StigΔ

02 December 2015

For their latest issue, the Dutch magazine on transport, Nieuwsblad Transport, interviews StigΔ about their plans for the Panama Canal.

In the article, StigΔ partner Arènso Bakker discusses the expansion of transshipment in the Panama Canal area: “The Canal’s authorities appreciate the development of the areas surrounding the Rotterdam harbour. They aim for a similar development plan. Panama’s ambition is to become a logistical hub.”

In order to create such a logistics hub, StigΔ stresses the importance of using the Canal as a harbour, that allows ships to load and unload, as well as the connection between different loading locations alongside the entire Canal. “In this way, loads can be transported to other areas or to logistical parcs along the Canal”, Bakker explains.

Together with the Maastricht based consultancy Croonenburo5 and engineering company Antea Group, StigΔ won a tender to develop the area known as the West Bank, alongside the Canal. The companies will provide a master plan, a development plan and a market approach. StigΔ manages the logistics as well as the general management of the project. The project is expected to be completed by March 2016.

View the article on page 21 (PDF, in Dutch)