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Port of Den Helder on growth course

Port of Den Helder

17 October 2016

The Port of Den Helder, in whose development Stig is involved, is on a course for growth. In a recent article in local newspaper Noordhollands Dagblad, its director sheds light on the progress of the development of the harbour.

Excerpt article

The main objective of the Port of Den Helder is to create more jobs. That requires the necessary capital to invest in the development of the harbour. The port is planning on building more areas for industrial activities. ‘Den Helder needs a good connection to the hinterland and the Kooyhaven’, deputy director Kees Turnhout says. Den Helder also wants to connect to the wind farm market. All of the scheduled activities, both short term and long term, such as renovating part of the harbour as well as the construction of a new quay, should work as a driving force to make the port a success. ‘The port has a lot of potential for growth. We must work together in order to achieve it’, says director Jacoba Bolderheij.

Involvement Stig

Stig created a development and marketing strategy for the Port of Den Helder, to attract new business, which will provide employment and strengthen the existing seaport.

Read the article in Noordhollands Dagblad (in Dutch)