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RICS: Mediation for real estate and construction needs experts

08 December 2016

During a meeting at the new headquarters of the NautaDutilh law firm in Amsterdam, RICS launched its Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) for real estate and construction. Stig partner Arènso Bakker is one of the first RICS accredited mediators in the Netherlands.

Stig and mediation

Stig partner Arènso Bakker is one of the first Dutch mediators for real estate and construction. Bakker specialises in valuation, dispute resolution, business and management, project management, planning and development and infrastructure. Bakker has a background in logistics and property and works internationally on concept development, valuation and mediation (alternative dispute resolution) in ports, logistics and concession-areas.

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RICS mediation worldwide

For over 40 years, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has been an expert in the field of mediation, which serves as an alternative for going to court. RICS is one of the largest providers of Dispute Resolution Services in the world. Until recently, RICS mediation services focused mainly on the United Kingdom, South Africa and Dubai. In a new global effort, RICS has shifted these specific mediation services attention to other countries, including the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, this specicic type of dispute resolution service for real estate and construction did not yet exist. For this purpose, RICS has trained 12 Dutch mediators.

Mediation for real estate and construction in the Netherlands

Up until now, mediation in real estate or construction in the Netherlands did not exist, whereas these industries in particular are suitable for mediation. Dr. John Fletcher, head of the RICS ADR section, stated that conflict avoidance as opposed to conflict resolution is key in these industries to identify processes that might lead to a dispute in the future. Involvement of a third party to identify weaknesses is crucial in collaborative projects. In addition, RICS believes that mediators should have expert knowledge about their cases, which, traditionally, was not always the case.


Nederland, Amsterdam, 7 december 2016 Introductie RICS mediation bij Nauta Dutilh. vlnr Maarten Vermeulen, managing director RICS Europa, John Fletcher, RICS product group director ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) en Cosmo Schuurmans RICS mediator. Foto: Elmer van der Marel

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