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White Paper: Next Generation Port Master Planning

panama canal

14 June 2016

A recent meeting organized by the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) in close cooperation with StigΔ, inspired us to write a white paper on master planning.

During the meeting, the Suez Economic Zone Authority presented its master plan for the development of ports in their region to parties from the Dutch government and private sector. StigΔ had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Darwish, director of the Authority, to discuss future endeavors.

White Paper
In this white paper, StigΔ explains its views on initiating port development with regard to master planning. By focusing on the market, a demand driven approach for a master plan could lead to a more successful outcome because of flexibility in both project and team. But how to achieve this multidisciplinary approach that we call ‘next generation master planning’?

Download ‘Next Generation Port Master Planning’ (PDF in English)