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StigΔ publishes article on Paraguay Paraná Waterway

Paraguay: it is all about the river

28 May 2015

In a joint exercise with the Dutch embassy of Paraguay, StigΔ partner Onno Roelofs published an article on the developments and opportunities for (Dutch) investors in Paraguay.

Translation of introduction
“Paraguay, a small and landlocked country in the Latin- American context, appears to be a top ten producer and exporter of agricultural goods in the world: as second largest producer and exporter of Stevia, third producer and exporter of Yerba Mate, fourth largest producer of soybean, yucca and soybean oil and seventh exporter of, among others, meat. As it is a landlocked country, over 70 percent of its external trade is shipped via large rivers, notably along the Paraguay Paraná Waterway. After the United States and China, Paraguay has the largest fleet of barges in the world (2.200 barges and 200 tugs).”