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Agro Logistics in Colombia

agro logistics

The Department of Bolivar is a potentially very productive agricultural area. Bolivar is located in the center of the Diamante del Caribe area and almost the size of the Netherlands. Two rivers (Rio Magdalena y Cauca) run through the area. There is a large economic potential for agricultural products for both export as well as domestic consumption. Currently, the sector faces challenges such as high post-harvest losses and high transportation costs. Efficient agro logistics can help to overcome these challenges.

Therefore, Stig is developing an agro logistics concept for the department of Bolivar. The objective of the concept is to enhance the production and quality of food, to increase manufacturing and export and to develop a reliable transportation system.

To develop the complete concept from the current situation is a large step and requires time, trust of partners and investing at risk. The first step will be to develop a proof of concept in collaboration with the local government and small and mid-scale farmers. This proof of concept should be the start of the development of the agro logistic concept for the department of Bolivar and can be extended to other regions as well.