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Research on competitiveness of Durban – Gauteng Rail Services


Transnet, South Africa's port, rail and terminal authority, developed a long term traffic forecast system. The corridor from Durban to Gauteng (Johannesburg Province) is the busiest corridor for domestic transport. To serve the high demand over the next decades, rail capacity must also be allocated optimally. Rail services have to compete with road transport on this corridor. In Rotterdam rail services were revolutionized and made commercial. Implementation of this concept is being examined in the port of Durban and it’s corridor. Rail services must become reliable, predictable, faster and cheaper, which may be possible if a permanent shuttle runs on the basis of a timetable. A vital link in the system is a rail service center that loads block trains with short turn around times and a Port Community System (e.g. Rotterdam’s Portbase) serving information flow of all logistics parties. StigΔ is the initiator, developer and project manager during this research for competitiveness of the Durban - Gauteng rail services.