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Agro-logistics vision Mexico


The department of Agriculture (SAGARPA) and the department of Communications and Transportations of the Mexican government commissioned the work on a rural, agro, logistic vision. This vision would be incorporated into the national legislation. It marks the starting point of various development programs which will improve transport possibilities of perishables. WUR has developed a hub and spoke concept called Metropolitan Foodcluster with which the logistics flows of fresh produce from the Mexican inland can be consolidated, packaged, tested, certified and transported conditioned. The cluster provides opportunities for smaller businesses (farmers) to sell their products on the global market by free riding on the volumes of larger businesses (with MFC as the entry point). This means that not only a larger production potential is being used by an increase of the Mexican international market share in the agricultural sector, but also that a possibility is created for farmers to reach an otherwise inaccessible market. The expert panel identified a number of components (customs, railway, ports, institutional framework), bottlenecks and critical success factors and formulated the priorities for a national vision.