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Port and local economical development South Africa


Transnet has developed an infrastructure development portfolio for the next decades based on the complementary port strategy. Various port cities in the country observe the intended development as an opportunity. To optimally leverage this opportunity these port cities must develop their own capacity and strategy to keep pace with the development and benefit optimally. For VNG International, StigΔ researched the integration of these plans in the local context, to establish viability, likelihood of timing and dependencies. The importance of investment has been in varied forms. In some cases, the hinterland is located further inland and the role of the city appears marginal. In other cases, the market was found in the considered town giving rise to opportunities. VNG International is cooperating with its South African subsidiary CMRA on the LGCP (Local Government Capacity Programme). The LGCP is a longterm program that, based on a number of research themes, increases the potential of local government by strengthening the economic structure. The present research has focused on the theme 'ports' and is based on the idea that local economic development can expect a boost if the proposed investment plans be implemented by the National Government of South Africa. This raises the following questions: In what way local governments.. - should seek cooperation; - should take positions; - should align their own development programs; - should or could develop their own capacity at institutional and individual levels, to derive maximum benefit.