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Port Management at Port of Rotterdam

long and short term port management

The Port of Rotterdam's 2004 privatization called for a solid project management and control methodology to increase operational performance and secure the interest of the shareholders (state and city of Rotterdam). A Stig expert lead the development and implementation of a project management method and of a business case driven project justification. In the new system, the use of a check and balance system secures the balance between asset optimization and end user needs. Assets in this case involve leasable land (whether or not readily existing) and nautical infra such as quay walls and jetties (tailored to end users' functional specifications) The challenge in port management is often to align long term strategic objectives with day to day operations as they may cause tension in decision making. The management system links long term objectives and conditions with short term operation as sector plans (market projections) and area plans (zoning / intended use) provide guidance, and day to day operations provide valuable knowledge and input to keeping long term plans up to date. The system divides the roles of business manager, development manager and construction supervisor and introduces the role of an area manager to control area program overarching various projects.