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StigΔ meets with Suez Economic Zone Authority

18 April 2016

In the first week of April, Stig had a very productive meeting with the Suez Economic Zone Authority in The Hague. Stig partners Onno Roelofs and Arènso Bakker sat down with chairman Dr. Darwish to discuss opportunities in Egypt.

On invitation from the Dutch government, the Egyptian team visited The Netherlands to get acquainted with the Dutch private sector. Chairman dr. Darwish and his team were presented with education, bunkering, nautical aspects, port development and infrastructure of the Dutch maritime sector.

“I’m impressed to present our master plan to this elite group”, Dr. Darwish said during a meeting in which various Dutch companies joined. Darwish expressed the ambition of the Suez Economic Zone Authority to make the Suez Canal one of the biggest players in world ports by 2035. The SEZ has plans for a smart industrial zone. During the meeting, the SEZ team highlighted various opportunities, for example for agro-businesses: “Of every six tomatoes in the world, one of them is Egyptian.”

Read more about the Suez Canal Economic Zone (download PDF)

StigΔ would like to thank the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN), STC-Group, VT Group, Port of Rotterdam, Deltalinqs and Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) and their private sector members for contributing to this week.