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Stig is now a RICS ADR registered mediator


26 October 2016

On December 7th, the official launch of RICS mediation in real estate and construction will take place in Amsterdam. Stig co-founder Arènso Bakker is a certified member of the Dutch RICS mediation team and a registered mediator in the Netherlands.

RICS ADR in the Netherlands

For over 30 years, RICS has offered mediation through its Alternative Dispute Resolution (RICS ADR). RICS takes on 10,000 cases each year. The RICS ADR is now also available in the Netherlands for real estate and the construction industry. So far, RICS has assembled 12 accredited mediators in the Netherlands, who consist of valuators, financial specialists, lawyers and management consultants. The RICS network offers mediators who specialize in a specific field or topic. According to RICS, this is a crucial part of the mediation process, as specialists have the knowledge at hand to successfully guide this process.

Stig and mediation

The various kinds of specific circumstances in ports demand an equally specific approach. While Stig has already started its own port valuation services, we now also offer mediation. Stig co-founder Arènso Bakker is not only a RICS registered valuer but also a registered mediator.

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Mediation initiatives

According to real estate magazine PropertyNL, mediation in real estate is increasing. Mediation should speed up transactions and legal processes. To boost its use, several initiatives are being developed in the Netherlands, writes PropertyNL. For example, the Ministry of Security and Justice has drafted a bill for a public register for mediators, to encourage mediation as a way to resolve legal disputes. Registered mediators can use the legally protected title of ‘sworn mediator’. In order to register, mediators must meet uniform requirements for education and experience.

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RICS ADR launch

On December 7th, the offical launch of the RICS Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for the Dutch real estate sector and construction industry will take place in Amsterdam.

Contact us for more information or if you would like to attend the launch!