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Stig signs port declaration in Kobe, Japan

Port of Kobe, Japan

16 February 2017

During the trip to the Port of Kobe in Japan Stig signed, along with over 100 delegates from 27 other ports, a joint declaration to “continue future-oriented efforts based on the outcome of the conference” that commemorated Kobe’s 150th anniversary.

Port of Kobe Declaration

The joint declaration stated:

The intent of this Joint Declaration is to express the determination of port managers who attended the Conference to continue future-oriented efforts based on the outcome of the Conference and in joint cooperation so that each port will continue to contribute to the harmonious development of the society and the economy.

The representatives of ports attending the Conference have worked toward shaping the future vision of ports in a globalized society and built a leading platform that would pave the way to working together towards the realization of the vision.

Furthermore, all parties that signed the declaration agreed to:

  • Aim to develop an energetic flow of goods and people;
  • To develop ports as the hub for interaction of various cultures, economies and people;
  • To steer ports towards technological innovation in the environmental field;
  • To conserve and redevelop seaside districts that support sustainable development of port cities;
  • And to promote intercommunication and to create new values.

Download the Declaration of the Port of Kobe (English)

Download the Declaration on the Port of Kobe (Japanese)

Stig travels to Japan

During the two-day conference on February 13th and 14th, which centered around the relationship between city and port, Stig participated as speaker on the Rotterdam port city project Stadshavens, how to collaborate with different parties and what kind of development plan was made.