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Stig travels to Colombia for project in agro logistics

agro logistics

17 November 2016

This week, Stig travels to Bolivar, Colombia, to discuss opportunities for an agro logistics cluster. We’ll meet with regional and local governments, land owners, small and mid-scale farmers and other potential partners to test the waters.


While there is a large economic potential for agricultural products for both export and domestic consumption in the region of Bolivar, the sector currently faces challenges. For example, there are high post-harvest losses and high transportation costs. With the help of efficient agro logistics, these problems can be solved.


Stig is working to create opportunities for investors/operators, and is developing two concepts. Firstly, efficient agro logistics will help enhance the production and quality of food. Secondly, by implementing the concept of greenhouses food production can be advanced. The objective is to increase manufacturing and export of food, but also to develop a reliable transportation system enabled by a stable cargo flow.

International trends

Furthermore, there are two international trends at play in Colombia. Firstly, cities are expanding, which increases food demand and requires a different type of food distribution. Secondly, prosperity is increasing, which means more and more people demand increasingly luxurious types of food all year round. To attain this level of food production, a sophisticated level of agro logistics is needed.

Wanted: partners

The project provides great opportunities to investors and operators. If you are interested in partnering with Stig in these developments, don’t hesitate to contact us for more explanation.

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