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What we do

How we work

StigΔ specialises in the strategic planning of real estate and port development, industry and energy, logistics and infrastructure, transport, railways and waterways, coastal, river and delta development. Stig also views ports in a broader setting. As network hubs, ports will operate more efficiently if connectivity is optimalised. Stig also offers multi-modal solutions for rail and inland shipping.

We help our clients develop facilities and infrastructure for strategic, social and/or economic purposes. Our services are focused on boosting economic development and optimizing operations, productivity and efficiency, whilst increasing financial returns and eliminating risks, potential bottlenecks, and drawbacks.

Most importantly, StigΔ specializes in advising clients in the pre-initial phase. Before a project can be implemented, we outline project feasibility, bankability and executability. When the fundamentals of a project are clear, controlling a changing scope or environment is much easier. The same applies to visions, ambitions and risks: they should be crystal clear for all parties before the project advances.

At StigΔ, we have the expertise and passion to develop strategic solutions for our clients, who can rest assured of a realistic outcome. Securing the outcome means looking at ‘what comes next’. That is why we include training, coaching and organizational advice for commercial operations in our services, in order to create a controlled handover.

The StigΔ Approach

  • We initiate research and advice by checking goals, changes in environments and trends worldwide;
  • We develop a tailored strategy based on feasibility, compliance and valuation of the project;
  • We organize and implement that strategy;
  • We control, improve and, if needed, redirect said strategy to reach the desired results.

We believe area or port development can only be finalized after assumptions and preconditions have been secured. StigΔ will help you and your stakeholders shape the desired certainties that will create the foundation, security and commercial value of your project.