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When a project is merely an ambition or an idea, Stig provides clients with insight in project feasibility, bankability and executability. This pre-initial phase, prior to the actual implementation of the project, is most important. With clear fundamentals, a changing scope or changing environment can be controlled. Therefore, vision, ambition and risks should be made clear for all parties before taking irreversible steps. Stig believes firmly that area development can only be finalized after assumptions and preconditions have been secured.

Definition, feasibility and compliance

Scope Definition Research
On project level, market research and securing a location define the playing field. In a demand driven fashion, the total market – combined with scenarios for maximum share – provides input for maximum scope. Additionally, procuring the right location poses threats and opportunities to accommodate this scope.

Feasibility Study
When the scope has been established, in this preliminary stage costs are still limited and a feasibility study is recommended to facilitate substantiated decision-making. The feasibility study includes a financial, technical/spatial and environmental assessment.

Business Case
The business case provides a financial overview that produces insight in investment, return, risk, lifecycle cash requirement and bankability of the project. The business case remains a control mechanism for the duration of the project for return control rather than budget control.

Compliance Support
Decision-making is a matter of creating overview and balancing the project’s ambition with its stakeholders’ interests and influence on various interfaces.

Market Engagement Strategy

Finding the right partners to materialize the scope in the required capacity is a matter of assessment of skills, resources and project parameters. For example, return and risk, technical knowledge required, timing, funding and the size of the ‘playing field’. Deciding on a professional partnering structure requires insight and overview from both parties (for example operation and/or materialization; land lord operations, PPP, design, construction, financing).

When the desired structure is set, setting operations in motion to materialize the project calls for an insight in business interests and processes to maximize the market and to optimize the result.