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Valuation and Mediation

StigΔ is a RICS Registered Valuer

Property processes in ports and corridors desire a customized approach. Not only does it require a specific knowledge of property processes, understanding logistics and port processes play an important part as well. To achieve an accurate valuation of ports and corridors, StigΔ has developed their own service for valuating ports.

Aside from his many years of experience as a RICS Chartered Surveyor in the field of port planning and development, StigΔ founding partner Arènso Bakker has also been certified as a chartered surveyor for valuation (RICS Registered Valuer). In the Netherlands, Bakker is registered at the Dutch Register for Real Estate Valuers (NRVT).

When to implement valuation?

In cases of state aid, financial investments, transactions, expropriation, revisions of leaseholds and so on, it is very important to avoid incorrect valuations. For example, in Dutch port development, the leases are in fact concessions. They operate under strict conditions, which are included in the contracts drawn up for property development. Because land is often not owned by the terminal operator, and plays an important part in determining the value of a contract, the conditions that apply to a contract are significant.

A distinctive valuation service

The various kinds of specific circumstances in ports demand an approach in which a standardized valuation would not suffice. Because this kind of distinctive service is yet to be offered on a grander scale in the Netherlands, StigΔ has chosen to develop it. Arènso works with a small team of valuers on these tasks. StigΔ’s port valuation services are available to other companies in need of this kind of specialty.

RICS ADR in the Netherlands

Stig also offers mediation. Stig co-founder Arènso Bakker is not only a RICS registered valuer but also a registered mediator. For over 30 years, RICS has offered mediation through its Alternative Dispute Resolution (RICS ADR). RICS takes on 10,000 cases each year. The RICS ADR is now also available in the Netherlands for real estate and construction industry. So far, RICS has assembled 12 accredited mediators in the Netherlands, who consist of valuators, financial specialists, lawyers and management consultants. The RICS network offers mediators who specialize in a specific field or topic. According to RICS, this is a crucial part of the mediation process, as specialists have the knowledge at hand to successfully guide this process.