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Passion for Ports

International trade and shipping have radically changed the way ports and their connecting infrastructure are developed. Today, social and environmental constraints and objectives are powerful factors of influence.

At StigΔ (Delta), we understand the dynamics that cause complexity in port development, because of our expertise in exploiting ports. In our view, the way in which investments are made and land can be used optimally, is justified by a financial model which assesses risks. However, such processes need to be planned out in careful steps. With many years of experience, our advisors are leading experts in the field of port business valuation.

Using research and advice as starting points to forecast potential benefit, StigΔ provides a tailored development strategy and commercial management to achieve successful ports, port cities and corridors.

For example, StigΔ designs strategy plans such as long term development vision, implementation programs, master plans and a marketing and development strategy. Additionally, StigΔ maps out financial products such as business modeling, risk assessment, land lease operations and business or asset valuation.

Our experts take managerial, technical, legal and socio-economic aspects of ports into consideration in their advice, serving clients as they move towards a decision. StigΔ operates on the cutting edge between logistics and port development. StigΔ’s motto? Passion for ports!

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RoMagazine about Flevokust

In RoMagazine of this month you can find an interesting article about Flevokust Haven. Stig provided the development strategy, transaction advisory and positioning for this development. Read the article here (in Dutch)  


radio interview Stig on Panama Radio

Port area development in the Canal zone enables the logistic hub ambition of Panama. Beyond this ambition the development of economic clusters is required. One of the promising clusters is agro, food and fresh products. Panama can produce agro products, but more important is the import of raw materials using the Canal. These raw products can be […]


BT event November 2nd

November 2nd you should go to the next edition of the yearly BT event in Lelystad (airport). The event is about economic zone development. If you go I can recommend the workshop sponsored by the municipality of Lelystad and the Province of Flevoland. Stig is happy to moderate this workshop. There are three great experts participating in […]


Canada inland port conference 2017 by Van Horne Institute

  Wednesday October 3rd StigΔ opened the 2017 Canada Inland Port Conference, organised by the Van Horne institute. Arènso Bakker is follow of the Van Horne instutute. Format of the opening was an interview by Coleen Shepperd of the Calgary Regional Partnership on inland port developments in an international context. After the interview the participants […]