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Passion for Ports

International trade and shipping have radically changed the way ports and their connecting infrastructure are developed. Today, social and environmental constraints and objectives are powerful factors of influence.

At StigΔ (Delta), we understand the dynamics that cause complexity in port development, because of our expertise in exploiting ports. In our view, the way in which investments are made and land can be used optimally, is justified by a financial model which assesses risks. However, such processes need to be planned out in careful steps. With many years of experience, our advisors are leading experts in the field of port business valuation.

Using research and advice as starting points to forecast potential benefit, StigΔ provides a tailored development strategy and commercial management to achieve successful ports, port cities and corridors.

For example, StigΔ designs strategy plans such as long term development vision, implementation programs, master plans and a marketing and development strategy. Additionally, StigΔ maps out financial products such as business modeling, risk assessment, land lease operations and business or asset valuation.

Our experts take managerial, technical, legal and socio-economic aspects of ports into consideration in their advice, serving clients as they move towards a decision. StigΔ operates on the cutting edge between logistics and port development. StigΔ’s motto? Passion for ports!

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Stig presents views on mediation in panel at Provada real estate fair

This week, Stig will take part in a panel at the annual real estate fair Provada. Stig will present their views on mediation as part of the RICS mediation team at the panel discussion on dispute avoidance in the context of urban planning & development.

Screenshot LC artikel Harlingen

Stig to deliver interim port manager Port of Harlingen

Stig-founder Onno Roelofs has been appointed quartermaster of the Port of Harlingen, which is to be developed this year as an ’NV’ or Limited Company. Roelofs shall be appointed interim executive of the Port as of the moment the Ltd. is created.

Port of Kobe, Japan

Stig signs port declaration in Kobe, Japan

During the trip to the Port of Kobe in Japan Stig signed, along with over 100 delegates from 27 other ports, a joint declaration to “continue future-oriented efforts based on the outcome of the conference” that commemorated Kobe’s 150th anniversary.

port of kobe

Stig travels to Port of Kobe in Japan

This week, Stig travels to Japan to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Port of Kobe. In honour of this anniversary, the port has organised a conference. Stig is one of the speakers.