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Rotterdam CO2 shipping terminal

tank with liquid carbon dioxide
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Vopak, Anthony Veder, Air Liquide and Gasunie are pooling their resources and expertise in the CINTRA-consortium with the aim of creating a turnkey solution to the logistical CCS challenge both emitters and CO2 storage providers have to face. Captured CO2 is to be gathered at a CO2 hub either through (inland) barges or through pipelines. At the Rotterdam CO2 shipping terminal, the CO2 can be intermediately stored and treated (i.e., vaporized and/or liquefied) and subsequently transported, again by ship or pipeline, to offshore storage facilities on the Dutch, UK, Danish and Norwegian continental shelves. The envisaged seagoing vessels will be able to offload the CO2 through an offshore infrastructure on a stand-alone basis. As such, the CINTRA-Concept offers maximum flexibility to multiple emitters as it gives them costeffective solutions for CO2 transport to multiple storage locations. A Stig expert was associated on behalf of the Port of Rotterdam for development management which concerned the business case (investment in nautical infra & dredging and land lease arrangements) and environmental integration.